How Much Money Are You Eligible For?

Let's Find Out.  It will only take a couple minutes to determine your likely credit amount.

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ERCs - Up To $26,000 Per Employee.

A simple and accurate process - using licensed CPAs you pay only if and after you receive your employee retention credit.
Note: the IRS has announced it will not accept new ERC credit claims until after January 1, 2024. We will still continue to prepare your claim and assess your eligibility so that you can be among the first in line when that time comes.

Step 1 - Determine Eligibility

Answer a few questions to determine if you are eligible for a credit.

Step 2 - Upload A Few Of Your Tax Documents

After you upload the supporting docs, our partner CPAs will be able to get more precise as to your credit amount.

Step 3 - Expert CPAs Work Through Complex Code Without You Having To Pay Anything Upfront.

Our CPA partners will facilitate and support you with all the complex IRS requirements. They will then be able to tell you precisely what credit amount you can expect.

Step 4 - Receive Your Funds And Only Then Pay Fees.

The CPAs will support you until you get your tax credit. They are paid only IF and AFTER you receive the money.

Step 5 - Share the Great News and Save.

Ask how our exclusive Breezy ConnectCash™ program can provide you with thousands of extra dollars.